About Koios Associates

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Koios Associates LLC (pronounced co-EE-us) is a firm specialized in investment, trade, sourcing and financial strategies in emerging markets. Though we have worked in almost every region of the world, we have especially strong experience and a particular focus on Africa and the Middle East.

We help clients identify, understand and develop international investment and market entry/expansion opportunities in the context of their global strategies, to understand and manage the political, economic and market risks that accompany these opportunities, and to integrate African and Middle Eastern operations into global corporate value chains.

We also help national and local governments in the region to craft policies and strategies to encourage investment and trade, and to maximize the economic and social benefits they derive from trade and investment growth.

Koios is a network of associated firms and individuals that serve clients within the Middle East/Africa region as well as European, North American and Asian clients seeking to do business in the region. We are based in Boston, with a network of affiliates providing local expertise and contacts in more than 30 countries.

Koios is part of the global Aydon Consultants network, and a strategic partner of Investment Consulting Associates.

We have advised small, medium and large corporations on market entry and expansion strategies, foreign direct investment, acquisitions and joint ventures, trade finance, and capital raising in over 40 countries in Africa and the Middle East, as well as in Europe, Asia and the former Soviet Union. We have worked with financial institutions and investment funds on project identification and evaluation, due diligence and valuation, and deal structuring and negotiation.

In addition, we have managed and worked on projects for national and municipal governments and regional organizations on export and investment promotion strategies, economic development policies, enterprise restructuring and privatization, and institutional development, capacity building and change management.