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China’s Belt and Road: A Lifeline or a Noose?

Is China’s Belt and Road a lifeline or a noose? As China seeks to advance both commercial/economic and geostrategic interests, across the world, it has appealed to leaders in many developing countries who, even if they are of unimpeachable integrity, may think the Chinese offer a better deal with fewer strings than they could get from Western institutions like the World Bank. But as an article in today’s New York Times illustrates, they should think again.

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Corporations As People: Guns, Free Speech, Contraceptives, and Hypocrisy

Republican lawmakers have recently attacked some of the country’s largest banks, which have sought to limit their exposure to the manufacture and sale of guns. Strangely, these same lawmakers haveĀ  vociferously defended corporations’ right to free speech, especially in the form of unlimited political contributions, and to ban provision of contraceptives under employee medical insurance plans, based on their belief, backed up by two Supreme Court Decisions, that the law should treat corporations as people.

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7 May

The Third Opium War

imperialism cartoonThe Trump Administration’s demands for Chinese trade concessions resemble a Third Opium War, calling up memories of China’s humiliation in the 19th-century and strengthening its resolve to resist, whatever the cost.

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The Death of Aleppo and the Triumph of the Assads

the death of Aleppo, the Syrian civil war nears its end. It has been proposed that the U.S. and Russia cooperate to force an end to the fighting and try to save what is left of the country. It’s long overdue.

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Feasibility Study for an Apparel Industry SEZ in Tanzania

Koios Associates has begun work on a feasibility study for a new apparel industry special economic zone in Tanzania

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Breathless Optimism about Africa’s Economic Prospects

Aspirational AfricaA recent article about reasons to invest in Africa substitutes breathless generalities for sound analysis.

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Old Dictators Never Fade Away

Congo Brazzaville dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso, just re-elected for a sixth term, is typical of the genre, an old, and immensely wealthy, dictator who won’t just fade away

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Dar es Salaam and Not-so Rapid Transit

Dar es Salaam has built a new rapid bus transit system, but without an intelligent approach to pricing the buses will never run.

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Ethiopia: a magnet for investment in agriculture

Ethiopia’s Agricultural Transformation Agency is leading a revolution in African Agriculture

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Africa: The Answer to Global Food Security

Africa may hold the answer to the challenge of feeding the planet, and the collapse in oil prices creates a new opportunity to invest in African agribusiness

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