Cecil the Lion and Zimbabwe’s Tragedy

The killing of Cecil the Lion was a senseless act, but far worse are the murders, political oppression, hunger, and economic devastation inflicted by Robert Mugabe’s government on the people of Zimbabwe

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Prince Al Waleed and Donald Trump: Peas in a Pod?

Donald Trump and Prince Al Waleed bin Talal: two billionaires obsessed with proving their net worth and suing those who question their figures

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The Gods Must Be Angry: Olympics to Drop Wrestling

Slavish obedience to tradition is never a good thing, but neither is its wanton disregard. So what are we to make of the recent announcement by the International Olympic Committee that wrestling, one of the original sports in both the ancient and modern Olympic Games, is to be dropped as a core sport?

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Mexico, the new Brazil, when it was the new China, before Africa and Switzerland showed up

According to the Financial Times, in perversion of all perversions, we’re now supposed to believe that Switzerland is the new China. Got that?

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I Don’t Have Swine Flu

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