Indonesia’s “Fragile” Religious Peace Is Stronger than it Appears

Indonesia’s religious peace has resisted Saudi influence to remain stronger and more tolerant than many in the West fear.

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Hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Kazakhstan

Neither Beijing nor Almaty is an ideal place to hold the 2022 Olympics, but Almaty is by far the better choice

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The Gods Must Be Angry: Olympics to Drop Wrestling

Slavish obedience to tradition is never a good thing, but neither is its wanton disregard. So what are we to make of the recent announcement by the International Olympic Committee that wrestling, one of the original sports in both the ancient and modern Olympic Games, is to be dropped as a core sport?

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Transvestite Muslim Sex Workers: The Last, Best Hope of Mankind?

The West continues to look for a country that proves Islam and democracy can coexist peacefully, the alternative – a billion people, many of them in big and strategically important countries, with whom we can never share any common values – being too grim to contemplate. The Arab Spring provided new hope, but the signs from Tunisia, Libya, and above all, Egypt, are not too encouraging.

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David Petraeus, John Allen, and the Real Housewives of Tampa

The idiocy of destroying one, and possibly two, distinguished careers over an extramarital affair (possibly two), involving no improper relationships with subordinates or sexual harassment, and unlikely to have entailed any breach of national security, seems wasteful in the extreme.

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Who Would Adam Smith Vote For?

With the debates over, the presidential candidates on their last, gasping try to grasp those elusive Electoral College votes in Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, or Ohio needed to put them over the top, and the polls to open in less than 48 hours, it is a bit late to be offering strategic advice to Barack Obama – advice that by all indications he would have ignored – but he could have done much worse than to cloak himself in Adam Smith’s mantle. Yes, the same Adam Smith whose profile adorns the neckties of more than a few Wall Street bankers and right wing think-tankers.

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