International Operations

Market Entry and Negotiation Assistance

How do you navigate the complexities of entering a market? How do you register your company and get the land, licenses and permits you need, all in compliance with laws in your home country and the target company? With whom do you negotiate to get the necessary approvals? How can you obtain the best possible package of investment incentives? Koios Associates’ global network of experts combines the best of global expertise with the best local knowledge and contacts to make sure you get off on the right foot.

Partner Identification and Due Diligence

In many countries, disengaging from a business relationship can be costly and time consuming and can jeopardize a foreign company’s long-term prospects. It’s best to make the right choice the first time. Koios experts, possessing extensive industry and country experience together with high-level operational, financial and legal skills, can identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture partners, contract manufacturers, agents or distributors, and conduct a full investigation of their technical and management competence, financial strength, reputation and market position.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Based on a TIDS analysis of market, sourcing and investment opportunities, Koios can help you determine whether an acquisition or joint venture makes strategic sense as opposed to a greenfield investment or an arm’s length contracting, agency or distribution agreement. Needless to say, customary accounting standards don’t always apply, and credit ratings, if they exist, are of uncertain reliability. Koios can help you evaluate the standing, competence and creditworthiness of a potential acquisition or J.V. partner. Using public and proprietary information, local legal and accounting partners, and proven investigative techniques, Koios financial experts can help you value and negotiate an acquisition or merger.

Financing and Risk Management Strategies

Access to finance is a challenge in many emerging markets. Koios experts have direct experience with commercial and investment banks, development banks, multilateral financial institutions, investment funds, and export and investment insurance agencies, and can help you raise equity capital, long-term loans, working capital and trade finance, and can help you protect yourself from political, economic and commercial risk.