Koios Case Studies

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Case Study: IT Marketing Strategy, Saudi Arabia

Koios consultants advised a major U.S. IT company on marketing and sales strategy in Saudi Arabia.

Case Study: Oil Industry Evaluation and Partner Search

A Koios consultant conducted a partner search and negotiated an exclusive agency agreement in Yemen for a European manufacturer of oil drilling equipment. service service service

Case Study: South Korea Telecommunications Industry Assessment

Koios conducted an analysis of the South Korean telecommunications equipment industry.

Case Study: Oil Company Privatization

A Koios financial and privatization expert led a team conducting due diligence of the Mongolian national oil company.

Case Study: Security Industry, Acquisition and Financing Strategy

A European security advisory firm sought to expand in Africa by acquiring a security operations firm.

Case Study: Egypt Special Economic Zone

Egypt’s new law on Special Economic Zones made it possible for private companies to develop new industrial zones.

Case Study: IT/Telecoms Due Diligence

A private equity fund was considering a $1 million acquisition of a U.S. company with its principal operations in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Case Study: Fresh Produce Value Chain Development

Small farmers in developing countries have a hard time getting their products into domestic markets, much less into export markets. They have limited access to information transport and credit, and are at the mercy of middlemen to provide transport and access to markets. A consulting team with the International Trade Centre, led by Koios Managing […]

Case Study: Export Expansion Strategy

A Koios trade expert conducted a trade flow analysis to identify product-specific opportunities.

Case Study: Investment Promotion Agency Restructuring

Koios experts led the restructuring of Jordan’s investment promotion and enterprise development institutions.

Case Study: East Asian Marketing, Investment and Sourcing Strategy

A Koios consultant developed a 10-country Pacific Rim investment, marketing and sourcing strategy.

Case Study: Jordan Competitiveness Assessment

Koios conducted a comparative assessment of Jordan’s investment environment.

Case Study: Special Economic Zone Assessment and Strategy – Saudi Arabia

Koios Associates led a consortium to assist Saudi Arabia in developing Special Economic Zones.

Case Study: Industrial Zone Demand Assessment – Mali

Koios experts conducted a demand assessment and financial feasibility study for a proposed industrial park.

Case Study: Free Trade Zone Demand Assessment – Rwanda

Koios experts carried out the demand and competitiveness assessment portion of a pre-feasibility study for a proposed free trade zone.

Case Study: Administrative Barriers to Investment – Egypt

Koios experts conducted an overall assessment of administrative barriers to foreign direct investment.

Case Study: Business Climate Improvement – Sierra Leone

Koios experts evaluated administrative barriers to investment.

Case Study: Investment Climate Improvement – Seychelles

A Koios expert participated as business operations expert on a FIAS/World Bank assignment for the Seychelles Investment Board.

Case Study: Telecommunications Investment – Africa

A private equity fund wanted to evaluate a potential investment in a start-up cellular telephony company.

Case Study: Framework for Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development

Koios led a public-private initiative to create new investment, trade and enterprise institutions.

Case Study: Investment Climate Assessment

A Koios Consultant conducted an assessment of Syria’s financial system.

Case Study: Market Entry and Company Acquisition

Koios conducted a market assessment, identified a potential partner company and helped the client to negotiate a joint manufacturing and marketing venture.

Case Study: Investment Incentives Policy

Koios Associates conducted an assessment of Cape Town’s industrial and economic development strategy and developed an investment incentives policy and strategy.