Market Analytics


Koios has developed a unique Market Analytics system for analyzing the many variables involved in setting a company’s global marketing, investment and sourcing strategies. The system uses the world’s largest and most comprehensive databases of trade, investment and labor data, compiled by the United Nations, the WTO, the World Bank and other bodies, and analytical tools, such as trade flow analysis and value chain analysis, to assess a company’s or a country’s position in key international markets, to identify new marketing, sourcing and investment opportunities, and to integrate these opportunities into a coherent global strategy. This is of benefit to companies seeking a market opportunity and a competitive edge, as well as to countries seeking to attract foreign direct investment and promote exports. Koios can help you:

By using its Market Analytics system, Koios Associates can give its corporate clients a clear, unbiased and comprehensive guide to their global market development, investment and sourcing decisions. Though it is based on the best available statistics and quantitative analysis, a Market Analytics assessment also draws on years of direct experience doing business in emerging economies worldwide – essential for interpreting the data in ways that help clients make the best possible decisions.Great strategies can fail through poor implementation, especially in emerging economies where the rules of the game may be different. A Market Analytics evaluation is often the first step in a process that requires more detailed on-the-ground assistance to ensure successful implementation of strategies. Koios, with its direct experience in more than 60 countries and a global network of local and international experts, can help you match innovative strategy with flawless execution.

In addition to its corporate clients, many national and regional investment and trade promotion agencies have also benefited from Koios techniques and experience.