Market Development Services

Our Market Development Services help clients understand and prioritize market opportunities and create and implement effective market entry and expansion strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals.


Market Screening

Koios Associates’ unique market screening tools use powerful databases and sophisticated analytical tools, including trade flow analysis, to identify new and growing opportunities for market entry and expansion and direct investment. A Koios market screen is especially useful for clients who are evaluating where and how to make their next investment or which markets to enter. It helps clients determine:


Market Intelligence and Competitor Assessment

Using a combination of statistical analysis, data mining, published information and on-the ground information gathering through our network of associates and affiliates in more than 50 countries, Koios identifies the dynamics of existing and potential markets, including:


Market Access Conditions and Barriers to Trade

A Koios Market Assessment identifies specific tariffs and non-tariff barriers that apply to your products in priority markets and identifies production locations that benefit from preferential trade access in target markets. This is critical for companies trying to address multiple markets with the most cost-competitive product offerings.


Export Opportunity Mapping

Companies often seek to establish a presence in one country to serve a regional market, especially in areas like sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East/North Africa, and Southeast Asia, where it may not be feasible or cost-effective to set up and maintain a corporate presence. Export Opportunity Mapping helps clients identify the optimal location for serving a regional market by comparing tariffs and market access preferences by specific product (up to 6-digit HS Codes) across different countries of origin and destination markets, while also taking into account market size and growth, market access, and regulatory requirements.


Strategy and Implementation

We work with our clients to develop strategies tailored to their specific needs and the unique conditions and requirements of target markets, and we help them implement those strategies. We offer: