Our Mission & Values

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Our Mission

Koios Associates is dedicated to helping clients develop and implement profitable direct investment, market entry and expansion, sourcing, and financial strategies in emerging markets, especially in Africa and the Middle East.

Our Values

We are committed to basing our strategic recommendations on the best available data, tempered and shaped by decades of direct analytical, implementation, negotiation and transaction experience in emerging markets.

We take responsibility for results by helping clients implement our recommendations, and we never consider a job done until our client agrees that it is done.

We strive to be generous and to give our clients more than they expect.

We strive for honesty and transparency in our relationships with clients, employees, associates, partners and suppliers.

We admit and learn from our mistakes.

We try to have fun and to do work that makes a difference and excites us intellectually.

We try to do work that improves people’s lives.