Trade & Investment Promotion

Market Identification Koios Associates uses its unique Trade and Investment Decision Support SystemSM (TIDS) on behalf of national, regional and state or provincial trade and investment promotion agencies to identify new and potentially attractive export markets for their products, and potential sources of foreign direct investment.

Competitive Benchmarking

Koios conducts comprehensive reviews of a country’s or state’s business environment, including economic and political freedom, economic and political risk, administrative and regulatory requirements, tax rates, foreign exchange, tariffs and non-tariff barriers, and customs administration. Koios also evaluates sources of and obstacles to achieving competitiveness, including education and skill levels, worker productivity, labor cost, infrastructure quality and cost, natural resources, access to finance, and access to markets. Together, these indices help a country or region benchmark itself against competing jurisdictions, identify policy changes that could increase their competitiveness, and identify nascent industries in which competitive advantage can be created.

Investor Targeting Strategies

Based on a competitive benchmarking exercise, Koios helps clients identify potential investors and develop strategies to attract them. This includes far more than simple promotion, but encompasses investment facilitation and provision of detailed information to prospective investors.

Export Development Strategies

Having identified the sectors, industries and products in which a given country or region has or could develop a competitive export advantage, Koios helps develop and implement strategies to increase exports in those areas. This includes assistance to producer and industry organizations, streamlining of domestic and international value chains, and help in establishing contacts with potential buyers in international markets.

Organizational Design

Koios experts have extensive experience advising investment and trade promotion agencies and a detailed understanding of international best practices. Koios advises its clients on the best organizational structures to achieve maximum results with available resources. Koios also helps clients select and use contact management systems and other IT-based tools to improve responsiveness and service levels.

Training and Capacity Building

Koios provides training to staff and management of investment and trade promotion organizations as well as to trade and industry associations, to increase the quality of service they provide to actual or prospective clients. Areas of focus include: 1) use of the internet and other information tools to attract investors and enter international markets; 2) customer service training; 3) policy research and advocacy.