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Welcome to Koios Associates

Koios is an international advisory and consulting firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We advise private sector clients and industry associations on international market entry, export expansion, value chain and supply chain development, foreign direct investment decisions and processes, public-private partnerships, and raising capital. We also help national and municipal governments and agencies improve their business environment; attract domestic and foreign investment; increase competitiveness of local industries; support small and medium enterprises; promote and expand exports; create public-private partnerships for infrastructure development (with a special concentration on industrial parks and special economic zones); and restructure, commercialize, and privatize state-owned enterprises and assets. We have experience in over 40 countries, mainly in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, and sector/industry experience in financial services, transport, mining, telecommunications, agribusiness, industrial infrastructure, and renewable energy. 

Koios Associates helps its clients succeed in emerging markets by using data, instead of guesswork, to develop and implement solutions to their most important strategic marketing, sourcing and investment challenges.

We have developed a unique way to help clients understand and manage global opportunities and threats, using powerful analytical tools and the world’s largest trade and investment databases.

Koios combines quantitative and strategic analysis with implementation assistance  based on detailed local knowledge and a network of associates and strategic partners in emerging economies worldwide.

With Koios’ assistance, our clients make the right decisions, execute them flawlessly, and increase their competitiveness in regional and global markets.

"Inspiration is needed in geometry, just as much as in poetry." Alexander Pushkin

"It's tough making predictions, especially about the future." Yogi Berra 

New Project News

Update on Haiti Northern Industrial Park (June 2011): Following its feasibility study for Haiti's Northern Region Industrial Park, Koios Associates has now completed an economic and social impact assessment of the project, paving the way for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to release up to $50 million to fund its development. See full story: http://www.koiosllc.com/news.cfm/article/37

Koios Associates Advises on New Industrial Park in Haiti: (January 2011). 

An agreement was signed in Port au Prince on January 11, 2011 between the U.S. State Department, the Government of Haiti, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Korean industrial giant Sae-A, to create a new 150-hectare (360-acre) industrial park in northern Haiti, which could ultimately create more than 50,000 permanent jobs. Koios Associates LLC carried out the initial prefeasibility study and site selection for the park, and is currently providing advice to the Haitian Government and the IDB in creation of a plan to minimize negative environmental and social impacts of the project, and also in the selection of private contractors to design and build the park.


The total project cost is expected to exceed $240 million, which will include $50 million from the IDB to construct on-site infrastructure and factory buildings; $120 million from the U.S. Government for the park’s power generation, housing in communities in proximity to the Park and improvements to the nearby port of Cap Haïtien; provision by the Haitian Government of a 600-acre tract of land to accommodate the park and potential future expansions; and $78 million from Sea-A for plant and equipment to manufacture textiles and garments, taking advantage of trade preferences granted by the U.S. to Haiti.


The project will provide badly-needed diversification of the economy from the Port au Prince area, and will help Haiti regain its position as a major exporter of textile products to the U.S. Haiti’s proximity to the U.S. market and its low labor costs make the country highly competitive with other Caribbean and Central American countries as well as with suppliers in China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

Papua New Guinea, Development of National Free Trade Zone/Special Economic Zone Program (Department of Commerce and Industry): (October 2009). Koios Associates, in partnership with Prime Consulting of Port Moresby, has been awarded a $1.1 million contract to conduct a demand assessment and market evaluation, a legal and institutional review, preliminary site assessment and selection, and a prefeasibility study for establishment of a pilot FTZ/SEZ, in the the development of a new economic zones program. Project implementation is expected to begin in November 2009 and continue until May 2010.

Pakistan, Development of a National Trade Corridor Highway (National Planning Commission of Pakistan): (August 2009). Koios Associates, in partnership with IOS Partners (Miami) and Halcrow Pakistan consulting engineers, has won a $450,000 contract, funded by the Asian Development Bank, to improve Pakistan's trade competitiveness by developing trade-related physical infrastructure.  The project involves conducting a commercial and financial feasibility study and preparing a business plan for construction of business/industrial parks along the National Trade Corridor, and recommending administrative and regulatory structures to govern their development and operation.Project implementation began in October 2009.

Senegal "Cité des Affaires"(national investment promotion agency APIX) : (May 2009) Koios Associates, in partnership with IOS Partners (Miami), Gide Loyrette Nouel (Paris), Focus Africa (Dakar), and Full Spectrum Real Estate Advisors (New York) has just  won an $826,000 contract to carry out a pre-feasibility study and to provide legal and strategic guidance in selection of a private development consortium for the development of a new 800-hectare "business city," on the site of the old airport, intended to become a commercial and business hub for the West African region. Project implementation began in October 2009.

Other Current and Recent Projects

Special Economic Zones (World Bank): Koios Associates is providing ongoing assistance to the governments of Albania, Cambodia, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia on the development of industrial parks and special economic zones, focusing on demand and needs assessment; legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks; and marketing and promotion strategies.

Cameroon National Private Sector Development Strategy (World Bank): Koios Associates, in affiliation with IOS Partners, recently completed an assignment to draft a new private sector development strategy for the national Competitiveness Committee, focusing on development of growth poles and corridors, special economic zones, public-private partnerships in infrastructure development, and enhanced investment and trade promotion.

Mali - Piloting Reform Through the Development and Management of Industrial Zones (World Bank): Following previous work on industrial zones development in Mali for the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Koios consultants recently assisted AECOM International Development on the development of an industrial park adjacent to the Bamako International Airport, with a particular focus on identifying qualified private firms to develop the zone.

Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility (DFID): Koios consultants recently designed a $100-million DFID-led multi-donor facility to fund and deliver technical assistance aimed at improving the environment for private business investment and operations by removing key legal, regulatory and administrative constraints; developing infrastructure through public-private partnerships; and facilitating dialogue between Government and the private sector.

Poti, Georgia Industrial Estate (Private Client): Koios Associates carried out a demand assessment for a proposed new 400-hectare industrial park adjacent to the Port of Poti.

Jordan Enterprise Strategic Plan and Organizational Redesign (European Union): Koios Associates, as a subcontractor to Progeco, participated in a strategic reficusing and organizational redesign of Jordan's trade and small enterprise promotion and development agency, aimed primarily at increasing capacity to analyze key export markets with respect to trade preferences, market access, and product standards, and to help Jordanian companies identify and pursue specific business opportunities.

Palestine Enterprise Development Assessment (USAID): As subcontractors to DAI, Koios consultants assessed Palestine's trade and investment competitiveness and scope for economic development and diversification in the current political environment, and provided recommendations for future USAID private sector development assistance, focusing on increasing competitiveness through development of cross-border value chains, enhancement of trade and investment promotion and facilitation capacity, icreasing access to finance, and improving the overall business climate.

KOIOS: What does it mean?

Koios (pronounced Co-EE-us) was the Greek Titan god of “questioning intelligence.” He married Phoebe, the Moon Goddess, and their daughter, Leto, gave birth to Apollo.

There are few stories about Koios; his wife and grandson were both more famous. But, given the questioning nature of his intellect, it makes sense to consider him the God of Consultants.

Koios Associates takes the “questioning” aspect of intelligence seriously. When we analyze information we question the assumptions it is based on. We don’t accept, and we don’t provide, stock answers and pre-packaged solutions. We don’t assume that just because everyone else is doing something it is the right thing to do.





Koios Associates takes the “questioning” aspect of intelligence seriously. When we analyze information we question the assumptions it is based on. We don’t accept, and we don’t provide, stock answers and pre-packaged solutions. We don’t assume that just because everyone else is doing something it is the right thing to do.


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